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Individuals -- Arms Rights Information (this site)

A collection of mostly firearms rights information, including legislative alerts, research, statistics, commentary, court cases, letters, Congress and media contact info, etc. Be sure to see my archive Highlights for a guide to some of what's here.

Eugene Volokh's Gun Control Papers

Professor Volokh of the UCLA School of Law writes about a variety of freedom issues, including arms rights. Volokh clerked for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and for Judge Alex Kozinski on the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. He graduated with B.S. in Math-Computer Science from UCLA at the age of 15, and he remains a partner in a small software firm.

Of particular interest are his Testimony of Eugene Volokh on the Second Amendment, Senate Subcommittee on the Constitution, Sept. 23, 1998, Sources on the Second Amendment and Rights to Keep and Bear Arms in State Constitutions which contains references from the laws of individual states, and The Second Amendment as Teaching Tool in Constitutional Law Classes with Robert J. Cottrol, Sanford Levinson, L.A. Powe, Jr., and Glenn Harlan Reynolds.

Clayton Cramer's Web Page

Clayton Cramer has authored several significant arms rights books. Several of his papers are included in this archive. His site lists books for sale, and it provides access to more writings, including a brief version of his landmark book For The Defense Of Themselves And The State.

See also his refutation of Michael Bellesiles' fraudulent history book Arming America in which Bellesiles claims Early Americans didn't hunt, shoot, own guns or aid in their country's physical defense. (See also a local copy of this critique.)

David D. Friedman's Home Page

Law and Business Professor David D. Friedman's Home Page includes a page Does Concealed Carry Deter Crime?: The Lott/Mustard Controversy with interesting and informative criticism and responses about the extensive research on crime and self-defense by Professor John Lott.

Don B. Kates, Attorney at Law

Home page of noted civil rights and second amendment attorney and scholar, Don Kates. Includes some of his papers. See also my research/kates directory for more.

Home Page of David T. Hardy

Noted Second Amendment scholar and attorney has a home page. Several of his firearms files are currently in my research/hardy directory.

Federal Preemption: The Militia Clauses in American Jurisprudence.

Norman Heath's site includes a section of "Researching the overlooked relationship between the development of preemption doctrine, the allocation of state and federal militia powers, and the Second Amendment's role in immunizing the states from federal preemption." Also a draft paper: "Exposing the Second Amendment: Federal Pre-emption of State Militia Legislation"

Healy Law Offices

Attorney Sean Healy's web site includes hundreds of Second Amendment court cases, history, self-defense accounts, etc. May have worked on the Emerson case.

Bruce Colodny, Firearms Lawyer

Attorney Bruce Colodny practices firearms law in California and Federal Courts. His areas include technical violations, self-defense, carry, dealers, manufacturers, etc.

Costerus Legal Fund

Alec Costerus is fighting Massachussets' unconstitutional gun restirctions to the Supreme Court. Here is some coverage of his appeal in the Massachusetts News. See also my judicial/costerus directory for copies of press releases, court filings, opinions, etc.

Guy Smith's Pro-Gun E-Documents

Includes "Gun Facts, a 80+ page e-book that explodes the most common gun control myths", and other pdf flyers, documents and book links. See also local copies of Guy's great documents in my research/smith directory.

J. Neil Schulman's home page

Home page of noted self-defense and science fiction author J. Neil Schulman. Includes some paperless sf books and information on his latest self-defense rights book.

Handguns: women, left-handers, buying in California

Janis Cortese has written a very nice WWW introduction to handguns. Includes a focus on women, left-handed owners, and buying in California.

Michael Kielsky's summary of state firearms carry laws

A text table summarizing state firearms carry laws. You may find general backgound info on firearms carry laws helps to get the most out of this chart. (For example see Clayton Cramer and Dave Kopel's outstanding CCW paper: Shall Issue.) Michael also has a sample Arizona CCW application ( See also NRA's State Firearm Laws page for info on the gun laws of each state.

The Truth About Guns Web Site

A collection of firearms rights, gun control, and gun crime articles.

The RKBA2000 Website

A pro-rights site by Michael Brown. See also a local copy of some of his editorials.

Kenneth V. F. Blanchard is a guns rights activist who is also a preacher, instructor, author, and former law enforcement officer. He speaks out for self-defense, responsibility, education and constitutional rights.

RKBA Challenge

"I challenge YOU to educate at least one uninformed person every month. I challenge YOU to train them in Safety, Competence and Freedom. This web site is dedicated to helping you do just that. You need the same thing I do: A kick in the rear, ideas, materials."

How to write an effective "letter to the editor"

Dan Zabriskie explains how to 'write an effective "letter to the editor" and to your legislators, too.'

The Firearms Training Site

A handgun safety and marksmanship course taught in Virginia which meets that state's firearms certificate and concealed carry training requirements.

The Glock FAQ

The Glock FAQ [has] model info, pictures, commemoratives & collectibles, maintenance tips, parts info, shooting instruction, GSSF data, competition information... and more.


The Unofficial Site for the Heckler & Koch Enthusiast.

Steve Yee's "Unofficial" Smith and Wesson Home Page

Specifications of the current Smith and Wesson Handgun line, Smith & Wesson contact info, more.

Lee-Enfield Rifle collector page

Information on Enfield history, Enfield models, Enfield collectors' organizations, The Enfield Collector's Digest, and sources for parts nd accessories. Updated regularly. Maintained by Skip Stratton.

Alaska Enfield Headquarters

"Purveyors of British Enfield rifles, parts, & accessories and publishers of The Enfield Collector's Digest."

Colt Woodsman Collector's Page

Bob Rayburn's ( "hypertext version of a collector's guide for the Colt Woodsman, and a list of Colt Woodsman pistols for sale".

The Arms Room

Tom Armstrong's site includes a faithful reproduction of the Army's 1965 M1 Garand Field Manual, FM 23-5 and some cool firearms links.

The Beemans' Personal Airgun Website

"Airgun history, collecting, hunting and field use, literature review and sales, legal aspects, and expert witness CV. Antique, vintage and rare airguns, parts, and related items for sale and wanted. Beeman history and art."

The Gun Page at Prarienet

"The Gun Page is an Internet stop-over maintained by a group on Prairienet."

Duncan Long's Gun Stuff

Web page of noted firearms techie author, Duncan Long.

Rich's Firearms Page

Rich Comer's RKBA info., links, mailing lists, handgun match info., Gun Chat, and useful documents for the Firearms enthusiast! Includes Gun Chat.

Tim Casey's firearms page
Stephen P. Wenger's Defensive Use of Firearms Page
Cerebus Firearms Gopher Site

Jerry Stratton reports: ' has a "Firearms" section. It supports ftp, gopher, web (although the web page is just a pointer to the gopher), finger, and e-mail (e-mail file server is experimental). People can finger or e-mail for more info.'

You Have The Right! by Stan LoGiudice

A nice collection of essays on firearms issues by Stan LoGiudice. Organized as an online book.

Blythe Collier's paper: Anti-Gun Propaganda and Controlling Violent Crime

A position paper addressing the poor quality of violence research in support of firearms restricions.

Jim Karlock's Gun Pamphlets

Pro-Rights, Anti-Al Gore brochures in PDF format for distribution at gun shows, etc.

Doug's Criminal Justice Site

Doug's Criminal Justice Site includes firearms links.

David Wisniewski's page

Includes an index of Small Arms Review, Dillon Blue Press article archives, Gunsmith links.

Bob's Firearms Page
Southern California Shooter

Places to Shoot in the Los Angeles area. Links to activities, safety and marksmanship training schools, etc.

George Thompson's Firearms Linkpage
Stokes' World of Firearms

Firearms articles, opinions, ads.

Adam Wolkoff's gun page
RD Thompson's The Sandman site

A web page dedicated to freedom.

progun1's Firearms and Freedom Homepage

Joe Garrison's Firearms and Freedom page. Includes opinion, quotes, news, links.

Second Amendment Lovers

"The real story behind good citizens and private gun ownership."

Jake Koens Home Page

Jake's home page includes a 2nd Amendment section with other links.

Disko's Gun Facts

The firearms section of Disko Don's web site.

Viking Phoenix RKBA Page

Personal home page with RKBA links.

Reloading Page(s) of M.D. Smith, IV

General info on reloading. Includes bullet casting, rifle & pistol loads, presses, more.

National Concealed Carry Inc.

NCCI seeks all states to recognize a valid concealed carry permit from any state.

Ira Wilsker's Law Enforcement Page

Includes firearms links.

James A. Donald's Liberty Page

James A. Donald ( has a "collection of files related to liberty, the right to bear arms, and the like. It contains mostly ancient philosophy rather than fast breaking news."

Libertarian pages

I've moved my libertarian references to another file: libertarian/libertarian.html (WWW) or libertarian/libertarian (plaintext).

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