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Note that this listing is not comprehensive. For other sources, please see for example Yahoo!

Firearms Manufacturers


Formerly Eagle Arms, a maker of AR-15 clones and their version of the AR-10, an AR-15 pattern rifle in .308 (7.62 x 51 NATO) caliber. This ArmaLite is not the same as the Armalite Corporation (a Costa Mesa, California division of Fairchild Aircraft) that made the original AR-10 and AR-180 rifles.

The original AR-10 designed by Eugene Stoner was the pattern for the AR-15. Stoner has a new .308 rifle, the SR-25, derived from the AR-15 and made by Knight's Manufacturing Company in Florida. Stoner's SR-25 predates ArmaLite's AR-10 by a year or two. By basing their .308 rifles on the AR-15 pattern, Eagle and Stoner come have full circle on the original AR-10.

Armament Technology

A Canadian rifle manufacturer/custom assembler.

Bushmaster Firearms/Quality Parts Co.

A maker of AR-15 clones. Government contractor for military arms. Also has parts for many arms.

Colt's Manufacturing

"Colt is the industry leading firearm manufacturer whose quality and value is unparalleled."

Charles Daly Firearms

"World famous shotguns, rifles and handguns selected from the finest manufacturers around the world!"

Dixie Gun Works

Black Powder Guns, Shooting Supplies, & Antique Gun Parts

European American Armory, Corp.

European rifles, shotguns, pistols from such makers as Weihrauch, Tanfoglio, Baikal.

Heckler & Koch

Maker of military, police, defensive and sporting arms.

H-S Precision

Synthetic stocks and custom rifles.

The Marlin Firearms Company

Marlin is America's largest volume rifle manufacturer, building .22 rimfire, lever-action, and bolt action center fire rifles. Marlin .22 and particularly lever action rifles are an important part of American firearms history. The Model 1881 lever action combined repeating arms with the powerful .45/70 Government cartridge.

Nor-Cal Precision

"Nor-Cal Precision is a premiere rifle builder specializing in highly accurate, durable, and precisely made Remington-based firearms."

Olympic Arms

Olympic Arms is a maker of AR-15 clones. Also owns Safari Arms, maker of M1911 (Colt .45) pistols and SGW, maker of Mauser pattern barrels and accessories.

Remington Arms Company

Firearms and ammunition manufacturer.

Robinson Armament Company

Maker of the Stoner 63-based M96 Expeditionary rifle and carbine.

The M96 is based on the Stoner 63 Weapon System designed by Eugene Stoner and used by the U.S Navy Seals in Vietnam. The Stoner 63's receiver, using a variety of modular components, could be configured as a rifle, carbine, a top fed light machine gun, a belt fed squad automatic weapon, or a vehicle mounted weapon. The M96 has been designed with similar modularity in mind but has been simplified for easier maintenance.

Smith & Wesson

Maker of firearms and other law enforcement equipment.

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc.

Maker of rifles, pistols and shotguns.

SIG Arms Inc.

Maker of pistols, rifles and shotguns including the SIG, Sauer, Mauser, Hammerli brands.

Springfield Armory

Maker of M1A pattern rifles, M1911 ("Colt .45") type pistols and others.

Taurus International Manufacturing, Inc.

Maker of pistols, revolvers, rifles.

United States Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company, Inc.

A leading manufacturer of 19th century Colt replicas and other fine fire-arms including single action army.

Winchester Rifles and Shotguns

Winchester Rifles and Shotguns are made by U.S. Repeating Arms Co.

Winchester Ammunition

"A major global supplier of sporting ammunition"

Stores, Dealers, Gun Shows, and Auctions

A note about stores: all stores and firearms dealers must have a Federal Firearms License (FFL). Purchasing firearms commercialy requires a FFL, including buying firearms across Non-contiguous states or "by mail" (really UPS or other common carrier).

Shotgun News below markets a list of FFLs. Every gun store is also an FFL, though not all stores will receive firearms from other FFLs (like Champion or others here) for you. Those who do usually charge a fee for the service. Not all FFLs have storefronts.

By far the simplest thing to do is to support your local store. They will have information about local safety and marksmanship classes, clubs, ranges, hunting licenses, local regulations and so on. The National Rifle Association is also an excellent source of information. They have pamphlets of all state firearms laws.

Guncraft Sports Inc.

Cool; a big gun store with a Web page.... Includes a nice gun rights book list.

Champion Firearms

A firearms, ammo and accessories dealer with good prices. Can ship firearms only to your local FFL. (FFL=Federal Firearms License -- required to sell guns commercially in the U.S.; FFL also refers to the person who holds a license.)

Discount Guns

Internet branch of Maryland gun store with discount prices, Discount Shooters Supply. See local FFL comments above for sales to non-adjacent states.

Century International Arms

Century sells surplus arms, ammunition and accessories. You can also find their printed ads in Shotgun News. Like Champion above, to buy from them you'll need the services of a local FFL (unless you happen to be in or adjacent to Vermont).

Contemporary Firearms, Inc.

Sells arms and accessories. Includes new and used semi-auto and bolt action military-style arms. New arms by Heckler & Koch (HK), Accuracy International, Barrett, Steyr, Stoner.

Bandet, Inc.

Sells arms and accessories. Emphasis on accessories and handguns. Colt AR-15 parts, arms by Beretta, Colt, Ruger, Taurus, FEG-Hungary, Police Trade-ins, others.

Omaha Outdoors

"Omaha Outdoors is an online gun shop stocked with a huge selection of hunting, camping, fishing, and shooting supplies."

MilArm Co. Ltd.

A wholesale and retail outlet for military collectibles and surplus including historical firearms and accessories based in Edmonton, Canada.

CADCO Firearms

A somewhat police-oriented firearms distributor.

Turner's Outdoorsman

A major Southern California gun store chain. Includes a newsletter and weekly store and web site specials.

C.R. Specialty

"Kansas City's Most Complete Gun Store" is actually a chain of 3 stores. Site includes Handgun Purchasing FAQ's -- Frequently Asked Questions on how to purchase a Handgun in Kansas or Missouri, and information on safety training classes, local ranges and clubs.

Reed's Sport Shop

San Jose sporting goods shop with good firearms and reloading selection. Took over former site of National Shooting Club in Santa Clara and re-opened as Reed's Indoor Range. They offer training classes there and some gun rentals.

Shooters Plus

"Shooters Plus is one of the leading online suppliers and sale of top quality handguns, rifles, gun parts and shooting accessories." They are in Sumrall, MS.

Crossroads of the West Gun Shows

"The West's largest and highest quality show in town."

Unofficial California TS Gun Show Schedule

GunsForSale is a firearms auction site. Now that no longer allows firearms auctions, this may be an interesting alternative. Sales are processed through FFLs (Federally- licensed firearms dealers) such as those listed on the site.

Auction Arms

"Browse our selection of thousands of guns and accessories [...] Or access the most powerful online market of gun bidders on the planet by listing your product for sale!"

1st Armory Auction

An online firearms auction/classified site. It's designed to allow consumers to buy/sell firearms and other related items.

Private Gun Sale

"To help those wishing to purchase a gun to find a private party to buy from. At the same time, create a FREE forum for those wishing to sell a firearm to a private citizen." No dealers allowed. All Federal, State and Local laws apply.

" is an online community developed specifically to put people in touch with each other for the purpose of purchasing firearms. We provide a place for consumers to contact each other via searchable classified ads and online forum using member feedback ratings to build trust between each other."

Free classified ads for buying and selling guns, plus a gun website search engine and message boards.

Pre-1898 arms for sale, auction, discussion, etc.

CMR Classic Arms

"Specialist suppliers of Broomhandle Mauser Pistols/Lugers & Accessories. Manufacturers of Presentation Cases, WW1 & WW11 Leather holsters."

GMJ Enterprises

NRA Firearms Training and Concealed Carry Classes for Nevada and Utah.

License Services

"License Services is a firm offering eligible individuals professional, personalized assistance in firearms related matters." Seems to specialize in New York concealed carry licenses. Includes: Pistol Licensing, Firearms Selection, Firearms Instruction, Safety Training.

Tite-Group Sporting

Tite-Group Sporting is a store in Northborough, Massachusetts offering arms, ammunition, training, etc.

Law firm offering firearms consulting, workshops, and legal services in Massachusetts.

Air Guns HQ

Pyramyd Air, Inc. sells "bbguns, pellet guns, co2 guns, co2 rifles, bb pellet guns, air pistols from the finest manufacturers all over the world (Webley & Scott, Beretta, Walther, Smith & Wesson, Colt, Daisy, Rutten, Gamo, IZH, Air Force, Anics and many others ...). BB's, pellets, accessories..."

Parts and Accessories

Brownells is a "leading supplier of Firearm Accessories, Gun Parts and Gunsmithing Tools."

Midway USA

"The world's largest shooting & reloading superstore!"

"One of the world's leading online retailers of a wide selection of sport optics, tactical and military gear, scientific products, hunting gear, professional grade products and eyewear."

Cheaper Than Dirt

Discounts on ammo, camping gear, accessories, surplus, etc.

Sportsman's Guide

"Lowest prices on a huge selection of name-brand outdoor gear, clothing and footwear, with fast, courteous service ... since our very first catalog hit the streets in 1977."

Roderus Custom Gunworks

"The home of garage and hobby gunsmiths, amateur pistol smiths and mini machinists" is how the site describes itself. It includes notes on setting up a home machine shop and videos about milling AR-15 and M1911 receivers from 80% blanks. Also included is a fairly active home gunsmithing and machining forum.

Clips 'N' Stuff, Firearm Accessories

A virtual gun show accessory dealer featuring clip magazines, optics, gunstocks, misc. accessory items, and the cheapest Blue Book prices in the web.

Chestnut Ridge Supply

Sells parts for M1, bolt action and other military type rifles. Offers finishing services including Mil-spec Parkerizing.

Tarnhelm Supply Co., Inc.

Tarnhelm Supply Co. is the sole source for the Magna-trigger gun safety. The device works with a magnetic ring which, when worn, allows the gun to fire. Fittings for Smith & Wesson J, K, L and N frame guns and the Ruger Security Six. Also the sole source for the Murabito Revolver Safety, an autopistol-like revolver safety latch.


A maker of Glock accessories. For other info on Glock pistols see also The Unofficial Glock Page.

Leatherwood Optics

Makers of scopes which automatically compensate for bullet drop when zoomed to a given target size. Brillantly simple and battle-proven.

Shepherd Scope LTD.

Makes range-finding, one-shot-zero rifle scopes. Bullet drop compensation for a variety of rounds.

The Wilderness Tactical Products L.L.C.

Makers of the Giles Sling, which noted firearms writer Peter G. Kokalis considers: "best combat sling ever made."


Laser sights that replace the guide rods on pistols. Also make combination shotgun Laser/Tactical Lights.

Crimson Trace Corporation -- Lasergrips

Grips with built-in aiming lasers for pistols and revolvers.

Muzzlemaster Muzzle Brakes

"Newest patented muzzle brake custom fitted to your rifle or contender type handgun. Hand crafted by B&B Gunworks Eugene, Oregon."

Lee Precision Products

Maker of reloading equipment including single stage, turret, and progressive presses, dies, molds, etc.

Widener's Reloading and Shooting Supply

Pistol and rifle ammunition, reloading components, and shooting supplies.

5D Tactical

5D Tactical supplies AR-15, AR-9 and AR-308/AR-10 upper receivers and 80 percent lower receivers, 80% lower jigs, tools, and jig replacement parts. In particular their latest generation universal AR-9/AR-15/AR-10 (.308) 80% finishing jig appears to be well-designed and well-made. It seems to have been refined and improved multiple times based on experiences from practical use.

The jig uses a woodworking finishing router to mill out the fire control pocket in several steps. It has a special router milling bit and a CNCed router face bracket with ball bearings to support the bit's side loads during milling. The combination makes the router function like a hand-moved milling machine, guided by pins that ride in a CNCed template. The template screws together from CNCed plates and locates to the sides and back of the 80% receiver via its takedown pin hole and buffer tube extension. The universal kit includes adapters for both the shorter AR-15 receiver and longer AR-10 receiver.

The jig's 1.5 inch thick side plates have deep alignment holes with heat treated bushings for accurately drilling the trigger and selector pin holes through the sides of the receiver, even with a hand drill. All parts appear replaceable, and all major components are CNCed.

While a woodworking router operates at much higher RPMs than a milling machine, the process is designed to make a series of shallow cuts, which reduces the metal removed in each pass. Also, a pilot hole is drilled before the milling starts. Since the mill starts in the pilot hole, all cutting is lateral, with no plunging cuts. This also reduces the metal removed in each pass, and wisely avoids axial loads which would be harder to control by hand.

5D also sells Polymer80 Glock 80% receivers with jigs, lower parts kits, and upper receivers for them.

Ransom International Corporation

Home of Ransom International, maker of machine rests and other shooting accessories.

Maxfire Revolver Speedloaders

Leard Enterprises makes these speedloaders with no moving parts.

Bright Sights

"BRIGHT SIGHTS high visibility gun sight coatings increases the contrast between the front and rear sights and the contrast between the sights and the target."


Makers of a fully-synthetic firearms lubricant.

Ultimate Weapons Systems

Sells firearms accessories.


Sells ammunition, reloading supplies, magazines and accessories.

Recreational Software, Inc.

"Database, Analytical & Ballistics Software For Shooters, Hunters & Reloaders". They also make a very nice chronometer and a very useful pressure tranducer and computer interface called PressureTrace. PressureTrace includes software for computing barrel harmonics and finding Chris Long's Optimum Barrel Timing. Optimum Barrel Timing appears to be a very significant contribution to interior ballistics, as it relates pressure waves travelling in steel barrels to the optimal time for the bullet to leave the barrel for highest accuracy.

Bayside Computing, Inc's Ballistics Website

Bayside Computing, Inc's Ballistics Website includes demo software and other links to general firearms history and information. The site includes a Java ballistics program demo. (Note that the use of Java on these pages means they take a while to start up.)

"Ballistics software for the hunter, reloader and target shooter."

A site dedicated to double guns (rifles and/or shotguns with 2 barrels).

The Walt Moreau On-Line Catalog

"Classic Antique Arms, Americana, Plains Indian Art & The Fine, The Rare, And The Unusual. Featuring American-Made Weapons and Native American Artifacts from the 1500's - 1900's."

Chicks Cowboys and Indians

"Chicks Cowboys and Indians specializes in antique firearms, western collectibles, and Indian items."

Northwest Security Products

Makers of fine cases, concealment holsters and fanny packs, and related firearms accessories.

Hoffners Custom Leather

Hoffners offers hand-built leather holsters and has a firearms training division.

Peterson & Associates - Concealment Systems

"A commercial site that specialises in concealed carry items." Includes Betz Concealment Systems, a combination jacket and holster.

Strictly Anything, Inc

"Strictly Anything, Inc. is a new, innovative company that manufactures unique products for the carriage of concealed weapons."

D & S Enterprise

"Holsters, Shoulder Holsters, Vests, Rifle Cases, & more!"

Tactical Intervention Specialists

Rifle sling, muzzle cover, and rifle classes.

Ballistic Fashions

"Earrings and pins made from bullets."

Books and Publications

The Independent Institute

Public policy think tank and publisher of libertarian and free market books and research. For example they are the publishers of THAT EVERY MAN BE ARMED: The Evolution of a Constitutional Right, Revised Edition by Stephen P. Halbrook and Firearms and Crime by Professor Daniel Polsby, both very important arms rights titles. Professor Halbrook recently argued against the Brady Background Check before the U.S. Supreme Court and won!

For Winter 1997 their quarterly journal The Independent Review features a cover story on private solutions to violent crime by Florida State University professor Bruce Benson.

As the LibertyTree Review and Catalogue, The Independent Institute sells it's own titles and also offers other libertarian books of import.

Action Book Publishers

Publisher of gunsmithing, shooting, hunting, police, outdoors, etc. books.

Shotgun News Home Page

Classified and display ads for firearms dealers and wholesalers. A good way to find out what's available and at what price. (But not all distributors advertise in SGN.) Out here we can find Shotgun News on the newsstands at Tower Books.

Machine Gun News Online

A magazine about machine guns. Has reviews; presumably the hardcopy has ads. Since the current licensing structure went into place in 1934 there has been one documented crime with a legally owned machine gun: a murder for hire by a midwestern police officer about 5 years ago.

Shooter's News

A new magazine about the shooting sports. Web page has tables of contents, subscription info, etc.

Loadbooks USA Inc.

"The official Homepage of the worlds most popular and informative bullet reloading manuals."

Paladin Press

A publisher of firearms-related books.

Sells firearm blueprints and diagrams, military field manuals and training manuals.

LWC Books

Distributes firearms, self-defense, martial arts, law enforcement books.

Bullet 'N Press

"The quarterly antique firearms newspaper with a focus on history."

Book Trail

Hunting, reloading, and shooting books, videos, etc.

The Right to Bear Arms -- A Tribute to The 2nd Amendment

When a painting, consisting of an antique Colt 45 and a hand written letter reading: "Let your gun be your constant companion on your walks... this gives exercise to the body and independence to the mind... no free man shall ever be debarred the use of guns. -Thomas Jefferson" was rejected at a prestigious New Mexico art show as being too controversial, the artist decided to bring his work to the Internet.

Book Stacks Unlimited, Inc.

Some of the books mentioned in my archive can be ordered over the Internet. For example, all the books listed in my research/books.recommend (Kleck, Halbrook, Kopel) are carried at I have no connection whatsoever with the book store.

This site was included because it was one of the first online book stores & therefore a source of arms rights titles. There are now many online bookstores such as (which may be pro-rights), and others. Take your pick.

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