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Mailing Lists and Mail Servers

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Special Note:

Some spammers search web sites for email addresses and add them to their spam lists. This highly unethical process is called "spam harvesting." I strongly object to spam and don't want my site to contribute to the spammer's efforts. So in order to discourage spam, I have added "-nospam" to email addresses here. Remove the -nospam when sending mail. If you wish to report spam, try SpamCop. You can also forward spam with full headers to (The previous address lacks -nospam in order to trap spam harvesters.)

Mailing Lists

Lists are generally alphabetical in each section.

National Lists

national and state legislative, media, action alerts (low volume, no discussion allowed)

firearms-alert is a central Internet mailing list for mostly U.S. firearms rights alerts, action items and news. It currently gets alerts from GOA, NRA and some from CCRKBA in addition to our own grassroots alerts. If you want alerts, subscribe to firearms-alert regardless of your location. Since mail volume averages a few alerts per day, this is a way to keep up with the latest firearms rights information.

To subscribe send a message to: with 'subscribe' as the message Subject.

See also the list web site at: where you can also subscribe.

firearms-politics, firearms-politics-digest
political discussion
firearms, firearms-digest
technical/recreational discussion

The lists are manually administered by Gary Gitzen. Send requests to firearms-{politics-} . Note that the firearms-politics mailing list is gatewayed to the info.firearms.politics Usenet newsgroup. Likewise the "firearms" mailing list is gatewayed to info.firearms.

FAP (Firearms And Politics)

"FAP (Firearms And Politics) is an opportunity to share your views on what's going on in Washington, in YOUR hometown, around the country and around the world. A place to meet and talk with other people who share your views, concerns and ideas for change in the arena of firearms politics." To subscribe, send a message to:
with the following command in the message body:
  subscribe fap
To subscribe to a read-only digest form of FAP, send a message to:
with the following command in the message body:
  subscribe fap-d first_name last_name
When subcribing to the digest you must provide a first and last name.

"A firearms alert list notifying members of pending local, state and federal legislation and events that impact our Second Amendment rights." Run by the San Diego Rifle and Revolver Association, this is actually a national alert list with a slight San Diego focus.

firearms (bitnet)

A bitnet mailing list for discussion of firearms, including hobbyist questions, technical questions, political/rkba (right to keep and bear arms) commentary.

To subscribe, send a mail message to
	Bitnet:		listserv@utarlvm1-nospam

with the line [in the message body]:
	subscribe firearms first_name last_name

To unsubscribe, send a mail message to the same address 
with the line:
	unsub firearms
Note that Internet addressing has generally made Bitnet addresses obsolete.
cdn-firearms-alert, cdn-firearms-digest

Mailing lists for Canadians about firearms ownership and firearms legislation. The lists are moderated by Skeeter Abell-Smith (

To subscribe, send a message to with the following commands in the message body:

  subscribe cdn-firearms-digest
  subscribe cdn-firearms-alert

State and Regional Lists

The Right to Keep and Bear Arms In Arizona

To subscribe send a message to:
To unsubscribe send a message to:
See also the list web site at:

Discussion of California firearms legislation and issues.

To subscribe, send a message to: with 'subscribe' as the message Subject.

See also the list web site at: where you can also subscribe.

San Francisco Bay Area firearms discussion and announcements.

To subscribe, send a message to: with 'subscribe' as the message Subject.

See also the list web site at: where you can also subscribe.

These are separate lists for state and local issues and events.

CT-Firearms, CT-Firearms-Digest

A mailing list maintained by Todd Tolhurst for discussing firearms in Connecticut, including the shooting sports, technical matters, law and politics. To subscribe, send a message:

  Subject: (majordomo ignores subject)

  subscribe ct-firearms

or "subscribe ct-firearms-digest" for the digest list.

Georgia RKBA

Georgia RKBA, run by Brian McGarvey (, includes discussions about the right to keep and bear arms in GA, legislative alerts, gun show and gun shop info. To subscribe send a message to: with "subscribe ga-rkba" (without quotes) in the body.
Indiana Gun Mailing List

"The Indiana Gun mailing list is a community of citizens discussing recreational use of firearms and the politics of guns. Members of this list believe in the individual right to self defense and that the ownership of firearms is part of that right."

ma-firearms, ma-firearms-digest
discussion of Massachusetts issues

To subscribe to MA-Firearms, send the command: subscribe ma-firearms in the body of a message to: For help, send the word help in the body.

discussion of firearms in Nevada

To subscribe to nv-firearms go to the web site: Here's a description from the list:

A firearms list for residents or non-residents of Nevada interested in the discussion of firearms here in Nevada. Appropriate topics include recreational and sporting uses, self-defense, concealed carry, politics and legislation surrounding firearms relevant to the state of Nevada. This list will be moderated.

nj-rkba, or nj-rkba-digest
RKBA discussion list for New Jersey
RKBA alert list for New Jersey

Says nj-rkba moderator Chris BeHanna ( "The list is now at Those interested in subscribing should send a message to with the word "subscribe" in the body of the message. A digest version of the list is available. To subscribe send a message to

An alerts list is now available for New Jersey called This is intended to be a low-traffic high signal list for urgent New Jersey Right to Keep and Bear Arms alerts only. To subscribe, send the word "subscribe" in the body of a message to

New York City RKBA Mailing List

"Exchange ideas and alert others to items in the political arena.... Messages can be about competitions, guns, reloading, permit applications, pertinent politics or just about anything else having to do with the right to keep and bear firearms in the Greater NYC area."

Sign up at:

North Carolina firearms rights mailing list

The nc_alert list keeps gun owners and gun-rights activists informed on current and upcoming events and issues in North Carolina. It is not intended to be used for information regarding Federal issues (other than those regarding N.C. Congressmen and Senators) or to carry on discussions. There are other lists and forums intended for those topics.

to subscribe, send an e-mail message to: with "subscribe nc_alert" (without quotes) in the body of the message.

Ohio Right To Keep and Bear Arms mailing list

Michael Conners ( says: ohio-rkba will concern itself with discussions about Ohio state and municipal legislation, posting electronic newsletters from Ohio-based RKBA groups, and discussions on RKBA in Ohio.

To subscribe, send email to, and in the Subject: line, just put "subscribe" (no quotes) in there. Leave the body of the message blank.

Oregon Council on Firearms Regulation

This group's purpose is to promote 2nd Amendment activism and general communication among firearm owners in Oregon. To subscribe send a blank e-mail to
See also the list web site at:
Oregon Firearms

or-firearms is a discussion list for gun issues in Oregon.

"This list is not competing with the OCFR list. We will have a tight focus on gun rights. Everyone who subscribes will be expected to know their state senator and their state rep and have contact information for both. Grass roots organizing is not possible with people who do not contact their elected representatives."
To subscribe send a blank e-mail to
See also the list web site at:
Pennsylvania RKBA

Pennsylvania RKBA or [PA-RKBA] is a run by Howard Bloom. Appropriate topics include discussions about the right to keep and bear arms (RKBA) in PA, legislative alerts for The Pennsylvania Senate or House, or announcements concerning Pennsylvania Federal Representatives and Senators. Advisement of Gun Shows and even which gun shop has the best ... are welcome.

To subscribe send a message to
See also the list web site at:

Texas-Gun-Owners (TGO)

"Texas-Gun-Owners (TGO) is a private un-moderated list. To subscribe, send and email to:

Texas-Gun-Owners Statement of Purpose:

  1. To provide a forum for the discussion of firearms related issues, primarily regarding those pertinent to the State of Texas, but not limited thereto.

  2. To provide a means to distribute in a timely manner, information relating to firearms, including State and Federal firearms laws, Concealed Carry Laws, shooting sports information, hunting information, or any discussions relevant to firearms.

  3. To identify and support candidates for public office in the State of Texas who support the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the Texas Concealed Carry Law, and other pro-gun laws and policies.

  4. To contact anti-gun candidates and officials and attempt to educate them regarding their duty to uphold our 2nd Amendment rights and the Texas Concealed Carry Law.

  5. To provide a timely means to distribute to the firearms community the names of businesses which prohibit concealed carry on their premises so we can attempt to encourage them to alter their position.

  6. To provide a forum for the discussion of other political issues including but not limited to other important Bill or Rights issues, and presidential politics AFTER the candidates have been selected by their respective parties, especially the positions of those candidates regarding firearms possession and other rights related thereto. All material posted to the list remains copyrighted by the original author. The owner assumes no responsibility for content of posts to the list. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED."


Writes Kevin Langston: "Purpose: The tx-firearms mailing list has been created to keep interested parties aware of Texas firearms laws, hunting seasons and regulations, pending legislation, group meetings, competition schedules, basically anything related to firearms in the State of Texas. The list is not moderated and is available to anyone."


Says Chad Leigh on 18 Oct 1994: 'There is a new UTAH firearms list available, in both digested and non-digested form. Its purpose is to discuss anything about firearms occuring at the Utah level, including federal issues that have Utah specific information in them. Also the list can be used to announce club info, social events having to do with firearms orgs locally, etc.

The list is to be used in conjunction with the national lists like firearms-alert or rkba-alert.

For more info send a mail with text "info utah-firearms" to

To subscribe send "subscribe utah-firearms " to the same place.'


Va-alert is used to notify activists on Virginia specific issues. Subscribe to va-alert by sending a message to with the following text in the body of the message:

subscribe va-alert

Special Interest Lists

a mailing list for pro-rkba Democrats and friendly non-Democrats.

Full name of the list is pro-rkba-democrats; aliased to rkba-dems so either name works. Run from by Don Baldwin. To subscribe, send mail to:

ipsc, ipsc-digest
Discussion of IPSC (International Practical Shooting Competition) events, gear, happenings, etc.

To subscribe, send a message with:

   subscribe ipsc firstname lastname
or subscribe ipsc-digest
in message body to: Each of theses commands accepts an OPTIONAL email address if you want to sub or unsub at something other than your "From:" address. See also the IPSC Web site.
The Glock Mailing List

Send e-mail to and include

   subscribe glock-l YOUR NAME
in the body of the message.
T/C Contender mailling list

Send e-mail to and include

   subscribe tc-l YOUR NAME
in the body of the message.
Black Powder List

Devoted to historical and modern muzzleloading guns and black powder cartridge guns like the Sharps and Remington single shot rifles. To subscribe, send email to:

With the message:

subscribe black-powder

mailing list for Federal Firearms License holders

net-ffl is a private list devoted to discussions of interest to people holding Federal Firearms Licenses. Acceptable topics for discussion include regulations affecting FFL holders, BATF actions of interest to license holders, discussions of distributors, where to find the best prices, etc.

To subscribe to the net-ffl mailing list:

  1. You MUST be a FFL holder or an authorized agent (see #3)
  2. Send mail to ""
  3. Send mail to "" with your FFL number (which will not be given out, but will be checked with the BATF web page).

Note: You will not be allowed to subscribe to the mailing list if you do not meet the above requirements or follow the above directions.

In addition to this private mailing list for FFLs, a public file of net.ffls is available to anyone who needs the services of an ffl. It can be found at It can help if you know exactly what you're looking for and ideally which distributors/wholesalers have the items in stock before you contact your FFL holder. See the periodical Shotgun News for a sampling of distributors and wholesale pricing.

Curios and Relics FFL Mailing List

Mark R. Cervarich ( announced on rec.guns 15 Dec 1994: 'I have created a mailing list for holders of Curios and Relics FFLicenses. To join, send mail to: with "subscribe c-r-ffl" in either the subject line or the body of the message. You will get an automatic response telling you if your request was successful. The message will also tell you how to post messages to the mailing list.

The purpose of the c-r-ffl list is to allow for the easy exchange of information between c&r (curios and relics) ffl (federal firearms license) holders. Topics of discussion will include (but are not limited to):

Cowboy Action Shooting Mailing List

A discussion list for Cowboy Action Shooting as practiced by the Single Action Shooting Society and the National Congress of Old West Shootists. To subscribe, send a message:

  Subject: (majordomo ignores subject)

  subscribe cas-l (your email address)

The NCOWS mail list is run by Mr. Kjell Heilevang, SASS #3411 aka Marshal Halloway. If you have problems subscribing, you can reach listowner at

Mail Servers
Fax Sacramento, CA by email for free

The following is also at \WAFFLE\HELP\FAXLINE\INTRO Send FAXes to any local (Sacramento) FAX machine.

To use the FAX feature of, send e-mail
Subject: {local (7 digit) phone number} (without {}'s or ()s)

Body of message will be FAXed to  

For a list of some FAX numbers (legislators) in the local calling area,
send e-mail
Subject: 050
White House documents

For instructions, send a message with "Send Info" (without quotes) in the body. Comments to:
USDA Extension Services mail server

Has Clinton speeches, policies, etc. For help, send a message with "send guide" in the body. Put "send us-policy catalog" in body for a list of United States policy documents.

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