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Info on the Internet itself

Internet info in Jeff Chan's ftp dir

This file contains pointers to documents about the Internet, some of which live elsewhere on the Internet.

internet-services faq
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Internet services like telnet, ftp, etc. A very useful introduction.

If you're reading this you already know about WWW, but what the heck, it might be useful anyway. It certainly makes a great "handout" to Internet newbies.

Scott Yanoff's list of stuff available on the Internet
A pretty comprehensive list of things available on the Internet. Good starting point for "Where can I find (something) on the net."
John December's computer-mediated communication list
Information about the Internet itself and it's use.

Says John in his intro page: "As part of my academic interests, I collect, organize, and present information describing the Internet and computer-mediated communication. This information includes resources and studies about technologies, applications, culture, discussion forums, and bibliographies. My areas of interest include include the technical, social, rhetorical, cognitive, and psychological aspects of networked communication and information."

Files in this directory
This directory contains a few collected useful files about the Internet.

Be sure to check for the most recent versions of the files. Usually each file explains how to get the most recent version.

Note that faq files from other sources may be old.
Check original sources whenever possible.  Information
for getting the latest version can usually be found 
within each file.

Also, as described in:{.html}

the latest versions of Windows TCP/IP software can be 
obtained through:

see /access for some listings of Internet Service Provicers
(ISPs).  Read the listings to find out how to obtain the 
latest versions.