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Utopia is not one of the available solutions to violence in our society. Only incremental improvements are attainable through repeal of victim disarmament laws and through implementation of effectual, affordable measures. Objective assessment of the risks and benefits of various proposals will assist development of rational and effectual public policy. Hysterical, ineffectual, unconstitutional, and merely symbolic measures only squander time, money, and energy that are better devoted to effectual solutions and realistic goals.

The author hopes that sufficient data and analysis have been provided so that the reader questions common, but erroneous, assumptions about guns and gun bans and to generate deserved skepticism of the medical literature on guns and violence.

The responsible use and safe storage of any kind of firearm causes no social ill and leaves no victims. In fact, guns offer positive social benefit in protecting good citizens from vicious predators. The overwhelming preponderance of data we have examined shows that between 25 to 75 lives may be saved by a gun for every life lost to a gun. Guns also prevent injuries to good people, prevent medical costs from such injuries, and protect billions of dollars of property every year. In view of the overwhelming benefits, it is ludicrous to punitively tax gun or ammunition ownership. They save far more lives than they cost.

The peer review process has failed in the medical literature. In the field of guns, crime, and violence, the medical literature -- and medical politicians -- have much to learn conceptually and methodologically from the criminological, legal, and social science literature. Gross politicization of research will only increase the present disrespect in which medical journals and peer-review are held by physicians. [81] To further honest public debate, organized medicine and CDC researchers should adopt scientific objectivity and integrity and improve the peer review process. Since it has demonstrated it is unable to police itself, stringent oversight must be placed over the CDC's grant award process. Taxpayers must demand meaningful oversight of scientific integrity and competence.

If devotees of the "true faith" of gun prohibition and pacifists who deny we have a right to self defense wish to eschew the safest and most effective tools of self-protection, they are welcome to do so. In this imperfect world their harmful philosophy must not be imposed upon an entire society. In essence, society should adopt a "Pro-Choice" approach to self-defense and gun ownership.

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