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International Society for Individual Liberty
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This directory contains a fairly complete mirror of the files from the ISIL BBS (415 864-0908) as of February 1995.

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Subdirectories here are:

pamphlets (plaintext)
Written by leading contemporary libertarian thinkers, these brief papers provide concise analyses and solutions for many current issues and problems. See also: for Scott Banister's ( html (WWW) versions. If you like what you see in electronic form, note that ISIL's excellent literature series also make great handouts in their original paper form. ISIL offers multicolor prints either singly or at very low cost in bulk. Contact ISIL for details. Please distribute these excellent pamphlets in any and all forms.
Issues of ISIL's International Libertarian newsletter: Freedom Network News.
Some complete books by Thomas Paine, Spooner, others.
Constitutional research.
Some general libertarian info.
Places, some hypothetical, where libertarian principles might be tried.

About ISIL

ISIL is an excellent grass-roots, tax-exempt libertarian outreach and education organization. They actively coordinate and promote libertarian progress here and throughout the world. ISIL sponsors a yearly international libertarian conference that draws leaders from the worldwide libertarian movement. ISIL has gotten core libertarian titles translated and published in bulk in Russia and other former communist countries. They've started translating their pamphlet series into Spanish also. ISIL and affiliates are actively promoting libertarian solutions to problems in South Africa, the Balkans, South America, Canada, Europe, Costa Rica and elsewhere. If you believe in spreading human liberty, ISIL deserves your support.

[from the ISIL Freedom Network News (newsletter) June/July 1994:]

The International Society for Individual Liberty is an association of individuals and organizations dedicated to building a free and peaceful world, respect for individual rights and liberties, and an open and competitive economic system based on voluntary exchange and free trade. Members and affiliated organizations pursue this goal through independent action, using their freely chosen strategies. The association exists to promote the exchange of information and ideas, to study diverse strategies and to foster fellowship.

Freedom's Forum Bookstore

ISIL has an affiliated bookstore Freedom's Forum Bookstore which is an great source for libertarian books. You can help support ISIL's outstanding efforts by getting your libertarian books through the store. I've copied from the BBS their complete book catalog (bk-cat.txt) [107k].

Jeff Chan