BATF seeks comments on Crime Bill implemetation!

ACTION: BATF seeks comments on Crime Bill implemetation!

The BATF is accepting comments on implementaiton of the 1994 Crime Bill. Here is the announcement (6k), proposed implementation (75k), and a sample letter by Chris Behana. See also: a letter to BATF about their illegal blocking of pre-ban imported magazines signed by Senators Orrin Hatch, Howell Heflin and Larry Craig. Please write; the deadline is July 5!

NEW!!: BATF Regulations Branch fax number: (202) 927-8602

As asides, the copy of the implemetation from NRA seems to be formatted slightly differently. (This came from: file:// I've also been sent a copy of the Brady law BATF implementation. All of these official texts came from the Federal Register, the official publication of laws, etc. You can now browse and search the Federal Register via Web or email. See: